For more than a decade, the CURE program has supported a broad range of biomedical research at 39 institutions across Pennsylvania.

These funds have led to research advances in cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infectious diseases, and other health areas and improvements in public health.

In his budget for fiscal year 2013, the Governor proposes defunding the CURE program created by Act 77 in 2001, diverting diverting almost $60 million in research funds from the tobacco settlement into the general budget for other purposes.

If the CURE program is defunded, experiments will be halted, research projects that have taken years to build will be dismantled, and scientists and laboratory technicians will lose their jobs.

Left intact with sustained funding, the CURE program will advance promising medical discoveries, support the hiring and retention of skilled workers, leverage federal and private research funding, and catalyze the formation of biotechnology companies.

Restoring Funding for the CURE Program—
How You Can Help

Send a Letter. Today.

If you’re not sure what to say, download and print a letter, or copy the text into an e-mail.

Contact Your State Representative

The Committee of Seventy is a Philadelphia-based non-profit that promotes voter participation. Find a guide to contacting your state representative, state senator, or the governor on their website here.

Use the state link here to find your legislature and ask them to keep Pennsylvania in the front ranks of cancer research. Find Your payday loans in pa Representative .

About the Alliance

The Pennsylvania Cancer Alliance is working together to fight cancer in the Commonwealth  of Pennsylvania by pursuing world-class basic and clinical research to improve cancer prevention  and advance the standard of cancer care available statewide.

Basic Insights into CancerImproved Diagnosis and Treatment—With The Goal of Prevention

Alliance members are among the most active academic institutions in the nation in terms of patenting and licensing their discoveries to the private sector for development into anti-cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. The biopharmaceutical firms that partner with Alliance members represent one of the most rapidly growing sectors of Pennsylvania’s emerging knowledge-based economy.

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